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published 17.01.2010 author file

The geoengineers continue to ramp up their ongoing aerial bombardment of planet Earth. In order to wake up the sleeping masses to the war being waged against them in skies around the globe, visual proof is essential.

Numerous forms of jet aerosol dispersions have been captured on film which inarguably reveal that elements are in fact being sprayed into the atmosphere. ALL commercial flight carriers and ALL military tankers are equipped with a " high bypass turbofan jet engine ". Even then, only a short, very rapidly dissipating, trail could ever be produced from a "high bypass" jet engine due to its design characteristics.

We must all make our voices heard in the most critical battle to expose and halt the climate engineering insanity. Why have the chief Generals of the U. Most people here are in denial of this and think you are a kook if you try to show them. It is too obvious when several flights at the same altitude, same type of aircraft have some with chemtrails and some not. It must be stopped and the hidden head must be held accountable, only then will we be at peace.

My 2 years in Michigan were spent on a "High Bank" where I could look into the cockpit of the spray Planes. Salmon Runs are Minimal and the Trees all all species, Dying on the riparian valley below me. All of the bows, in the river, were being Cut Off by Impulse Flooding. Rifle River is wounded by these Poison Processes. If we know that commercial airlines are "helping" spray our skies, could we identify these airline companies, and boycot them.

As know, an army of amateur astronomers have the tools to scan our skies at night to look for comets and incoming "Dwarf planets" not to mention the N word. Could we point these telecopes on the planes and identify them during the day, on their flight paths, and start accumulating info. These telescopes are powerfull, and will reveal the culperts. It has real time tracking of commercial jets.

I thought it interesting when Gov of California appeared on stage at Democratic convention and said we need to be concerned about climate change and do whatever we can to protect and avert harmful practices. He consistently has said that chemtrails are harmless…and that fracking causes no harm either, though the townsfolk in the areas where fracking is heavily used are becoming consistently sick and even dying. I also wrote a letter to him no reply.

He is astonishingly stubborn in denying any harm. And yet has the gall to give a speech in front of millions as though he is incredibly concerned about the climate and the planet. Seems a common practice of those in positions of power. Maybe one day it will all come to a head, and change can happen. One can only hope and keep trying.

Please do not be discouraged but be encouraged because one by one more and more people are realizing the truth. Seek and ye shall find and I have been searching for many answers to many questions that have started an awakening of enlightenment within myself. United we stand divided we fall and we must unite in love for one another to stand up against them the powers that be. I moved from L. I have been working outside more for the last year and have had more colds, sick and even had pneumonia.

It became apparent to me in Dec. I quit smoking 6 years ago and thought I would stop having bad colds and chest problems. I work next to a so called closed air force base but see plains all the time over where I work and as the day progresses the same thing happens a pattern and not clouds but a heavy haze that gets worse as the day go on.

I am so angry I dont know what to do and I even think now they spray more on the weekends because they know more people go out. What can I do to be part of a movement of change not just talking but doing not protesting but doing to stand up for all of us to have truth and a better quality of life,air and water not to mention this crap is landing on our food.

There are more of us than the government people and law enforcement and military and we must stand together and fight back. We must love each other and come together. Do they have a pill to keep them well cus they have to breath the same air dont they?

So on Monday I will wake up at 5am like every day of the week and cough up a lung and go to work thinking how much the crap will be raining down on me and the rat race they have us trapped in and are they hiding another planet with all the spray to cover the view of the sky?

I gotta start to wonder if some of the things I hear may have base in truth. Please Help me if you can find some relief and God help and us all. I dont want to sound crazy but need help and answers. I really think together we can one by one make a difference if only to let them know we know the reality of things and the winds of change are starting to blow and will keep getting stronger. We get the same crap here ,my partner suffers with the same problems.

Thick green crap every yearI have a idea can we get lots of people to start wearing mask like they do in China. People might wake up and wonder what the hell is going on. Is it to do with global power. Hello Dane, I have been following your work for years and I know what you disclose is real and the truth. But getting it across to others is a and I am no way a quitter lost cause.

They think only God or nature can influence the weather. But I think it is a direct cause. My aunt who lives in Vancouver has developed, overnight, some strange and unknown terminal skin cancer. Fukushima I am sure plays a huge part in all this but the spraying of our skies is just so blatantly obvious.

Hello Jenny, hope you will make every effort to stay strong, no matter what the western medical prognosis may be. We all march with you in this battle, you are not alone, thank you for your courage Jenny,.

Clearly we need to keep trying to educate the wider population about this earth poisoning! My partner and I have been concerned about chemtrails for a long time. Absolutely contact Chipsa — check out the Gerson Therapy and do not just accept the statement "terminal cancer" — I personally know 3 people who have been healed completely through Gerson and Chipsa and associated nutritional therapy when they were sent home to die!!

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. So sorry Jenny, Fukushima, chemtrails, what more can our poor bodies handle? Why are so they spraying so so heavily this year?

Are we all going to die very soon? We are being hit very heavily in the North of England with aerosol spraying. When I try to do searches I come up with nothing for the period of time of May , which is when it first occurred. Not one square inch has been spared from these chemical assaults of our skies. I can even smell it. People are staying in their homes and not getting out into nature. Additionally, it seems the US is being hit hard at this time, at least in certain areas.

Lithieum, as you may or may not know is an anti-anxiety, anti-depressant medication for extreme cases of psychotic breaks and depression. Previous to this sky assault of May , we had clear blue skies even deep blue with white cummulus healthy clouds, lots of bees and butterflies.

Somethiing very sinister is afoot, but since the internet search engine has a "blackout" on this subject, it is hard to say what is going on or how far reaching it is. My guess is that it is global. I hope you post it and research it. I will be writing to our government officials shortly and would like reliable and irrefutable information to present to them.

I live in N E England too and see what you see, for the last week or so there is a milky white haze hanging in the air and no one thinks it is unnatural except me, everyone I tell just laughs at me. A metallic taste I noticed a few days ago is only alleviated by regular drinks and cleaning teeth.

I await your reply. I think the internet is not the only blackout. Last eve, i posted 2 pics of a very old dogwood tree on Face Book. The "reply" was on the demise of the bees being attributed mostly to neonics. I posted that neonics were probably NOT the only issue, and i told about my tree. The 2nd pic was the same tree, same time, 5 feet from the first pic, but reaching out to the open sky.

Not in my "your posts," not in the replies, nowhere. I am telling my friends with kids and pools to make them wear light long sleeved shirts. I was getting burned working in the garden 2 weeks ago- and I havent been burned in 50 years although have spent most of my life outside. Use social media to share these vidoes to the public. You will be surprised how fast people are waking up. I have pretty much given up trying to convince or just plainly show people.

There will be no denying reality for much longer, wait and see. I hope you will continue to deliver the truth, that is our calling. I know how you feel. Mood swings and diabetics sugar readings off the chart. Thyroid blood tests it is impossible to get a correct blood panel done because you never know from week to week what is in your system and these things change a thyroid blood panel!!!

I know exactly what you mean. Meanwhile a "science " rally was going on, where they think that it is good to spray!!! How sick is this world? I feel like this is one long nightmare since I have realized what is going on in our skies.

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1965 FORD 4000 TRACTOR TORRENT I posted that neonics were probably NOT the only issue, and i told about my tree. The researches of Mr. We all march with you in this battle, you are not alone, thank you for your courage Jenny. Global climate engineering programs. Laurel felt the vines shift and move and she began rising up along the wall. In Ephesians we see the converse association of the Spirit and speech, streams and rivers lab torrent answer key , for "unwholesome rotten speech" described in Ih 27 baler torrent 4: Fervency of spirit is that which availeth much. The coming of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2: This is the baptism of the Holy Spirit that Jesus said would happen in a few days. When the largemouth streams and rivers lab torrent answer key to be sluggish, try flipping a jig-and-pig or a weighted wooly hawg into pads and thick cover. The spraying over eastern Montana and the Dakotas has been ramped up the last few years but people listen to the local news freaks and think everything is normal. Now, this was a visualization of this power. When corporate executives borrow from banks in order to boost share prices and their performance bonuses by buying back the publicly held stock of the corporations, future profits are converted into interest payments to banks. The pilot said he had to release all the fuel and it was only a feet up so any notion it was a condensation trail can be put to bed did either of the planes that hit the twin towers have a condensation trail?
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