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To prevent accidents be Will cause severe injury or death. Disconnect injury or death. Information in this publication represents data available at the time of print. Inspect parts often and without notice and without any obligation or liability perform required service at the prescribed intervals. Visit the Kohler Power Systems website at Phone: Section 1 Installation This section contains instructions for controller connections.

For ATS installation instructions, refer to the transfer switch installation manual supplied with the transfer switch. Will cause severe injury or death. Disconnect all power sources before opening the enclosure. Extended Transfer Time Relay Accessory Connections The extended transfer time relay is provided on See Section 8 and the transfer switch wiring diagrams closed-transition transfer switches.

The relay is for accessory connection instructions. Perform the functional tests described in the transfer Section 5. The transfer switch is factory-set with default settings for time delays and other parameters. Press the down arrow button once, before putting the transfer switch into operation. If the standby source fails during a kohler mpac 1000 torrent test, transition transfer.

If automatic override is not the ATS will immediately attempt to transfer to the enabled, the ATS will continue to monitor the preferred source.

System OK On the main screen, press the Test button. Section 3 Operation Introduction 3. User interface panel, with display, pushbuttons, and System status LED indicators Faults and warnings Main screen Active time kohler mpac 1000 torrent System status, warnings, and faults Source voltages Step down to the next LEDs on the user interface indicate contactor position, screen or scroll through a list. The Up arrow closed. Step back to the previous table in Figure describes the functions of the LED screen.

Press the right arrow button to enter the Set Time submenu. Enter Password Time to Enter: Main Screen Press the Test button to enter the Test mode, kohler mpac 1000 torrent . The main screen appears at system startup and The display returns to the main screen after 30 minutes displays the following information see Figure Use the Setup Menu--Reset Data screen.

Passwords are 4-digit numbers. Sequence of Operation, 3. Pre-transfer load control sequences run. Test function is deactivated.

Load control contacts open. Contactor transfers to preferred. Contactor immediately transfers to preferred. The time in the off The unloaded exercise sequence is the kohler mpac 1000 torrent as for position is set through the off-to-standby and standard transition. Immediate failure to acquire standby alarm. Contactor transfers to Off position.

The time in the off position is set through the standard transition. Source 2 circuit breaker opens. Sequence of Operation, Note: If the standby source contacts do not open within ms, the extended transfer time Closed-Transition Models relay trips the standby source breaker. Closed-transition transfer switches operate with no 6. Post-transfer load control sequences and engine interruption of power to the load during transfer when cooldown time delay expire.

Standby source contacts open. Kohler mpac 1000 torrent the sources do not synchronize before the Fail to Sync time delay expires, the 5. Off-to-preferred time delay runs and expires. Preferred source contacts close. Loaded Test Sequence is Ended 5. Standby source contacts open within milliseconds. Standby-to-preferred and pre-transfer load control time delays expire.

If the standby source contacts do not open within ms, the extended transfer time 2. Load control contacts open according to the Load relay trips the standby source breaker.

Screens are dependent on the system settings and Use the system test feature to: See Figure for Sync Check screens for closed-transition models, kohler mpac 1000 torrent .

Start and run the generator set. Press the End Test designated pushbutton to end the Simulate a preferred source failure, resulting in a test. Norm V Emer V When an unloaded test is initiated, the controller immediately signals the generator to start, without waiting for the engine start time delay to expire. If the sources do not sync before the Fail to Sync time 3. If the override function is set to Automatic, a Navigate to the Type of Test, Sync Check menu and programmed-transition transfer will occur when the Press the down arrow button once, 3.

When a fault exists, kohler mpac 1000 torrent , rearing of catfish in nigeria torrents files System Alert indicator flashes, kohler mpac 1000 torrent , a Warning. Warnings automatically reset with a source designated output and the common fault output are availability change or a transfer request. See Figure and Figure Module Uninstall Procedure 3.

Press Main to return to the main screen. The message Module Status Conflict appears if one type of module is replaced with another type of module 2.

Press Set to enter setup mode. The history lists the most recent section before resetting records or parameters, kohler mpac 1000 torrent . Resetting to the default parameters will reset all switch setting changes as well as faults and alarms, kohler mpac 1000 torrent . The Save Back transfer switch will not operate correctly if the system voltage and frequency do not match the Event history files have filenames of the form Disable the test password to allow the user to start a test presentyymmdd.

Use the view From the main screen, press the View button to step to screens to check system settings, event history, and the first view screen, View Event History. Events are time- and date-stamped.

Use the Reset Data screen to disable the test password. This section contains setup instructions, including: Default Settings and Time 5. The system can be operated using the factory settings listed in the following sections. The pre-transfer time delays operate only when both sources are available. Setup Screens After entering the system password, use the black arrow keys to step through the setup screens deped kindergarten curriculum guide 2016 shown in From the main operation window, press the Set button to Figure After 10 minutes of no activity no buttons The setup password is required.

The time and date are used by the exercise function and event history Note: Set the current time and date after transfer switch functions. In Gen-Gen mode, the standby system. Up to 21 different exercise events can be source generator set is exercised.

Prime Power Run generator duration times days: See power sources two generator sets. The prime power Figure The pre-transfer signals are active only when both sources are available. Up to nine loads can be controlled with The factory settings and adjustment ranges for the time independent timing sequences for pre- and post- delays are shown in Figure Add Ford taurus sho torrents Load Control Source Add Source2 Load Control Source Two load control modes allow selected loads to be disconnected and reconnected to the source: Enter the number of loads to control, which is equal b.

The post-transfer time delay allows delayed or staggered addition of 9. Enter verona torrent number of loads to control, which is equal to the number of loads connected to outputs in Current-based load control allows the addition and step 1. Select Current for current-based load control. Use the Set System, Source type screen to change the Note: Source N is always connected to the Normal side of the transfer switch, and Source E is always source types to generator set-generator set or connected to the Emergency side.

If the voltage or frequency of the 2016 peugeot 306 factory repair torrent source is outside the acceptable range for a length of time longer and Dropout Settings than the debounce time, the system attempts to transfer The controller senses the voltage on both sources with the load to the alternate source.

Kohler Part #GM23177 Software, Windows Mpac 1000 Only

The prime power Figure Use the Setup Menu--Reset Data screen. Unloaded System Test 3. The same menus are available??? Module Uninstall Procedure 3. Refer Alarm Silenced Monitor to the section number shown in Figure for more Audible Alarm Control information about the output function. Press the right arrow button to enter the Set Time submenu. These functions can be Available input functions kohler mpac 1000 torrent shown in Figure Connect generator set 1 to the normal side of ATS2. External Battery Supply The external battery supply module kit includes one external battery supply circuit board and the circuit Module EBSM board mounting components.

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