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Manual 348 army

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This is a relatively short manual covering these two receivers. Unfortunately, there are some water stains on the pages of this one. This is one of those extraordinary, beautiful manuals that was printed on glossy paper. I did my best to preserve the detail in the halftone photographs, but it is hard to get all the detail of the originals.

There are two 11x17 images at the end - one is the wiring diagram of the manual, which was a fold-out. The other is just a high-resolution scan of the schematics page that has been rotated, magnified and formatted for 11x17 for 93 kawasaki ninja repair torrent reading.

That generally means that it is the preliminary manual written by the manufacturer and issued and used before the military issued their own manual on the radio. This manual is quite complete. It covers the alignment and maintenance of the receiver in some detail. I scanned the schematics at quite high resolution and included them as 11x17 they were originally 8. It makes the schematics a bit busy, but they are much easier to understand. This manual looks for all the world like a cheap copy of the BCH manual.

The halftone images are nowhere near as crisp as the BCH, and it was not printed on heavy, glossy paper. I did not bother to annotate the schematics, since they are essentially the same. This is the most recent one I have ever seen.

The half-tone images in this manual are not great. It was not printed on nice, glossy paper like some of the others. It does seem to be the most complete manual. There are three different sets of schematics and two wiring diagrams. If you can only download one manual, this is probably the one, possibly augmented with one with good half-tone images, like the BCH manual. It is marked as "E.

I believe this manual became "AN " which was issued February 25, This manual must predate that one by some lexion 770 torrent. The later ones are available below. It looks manual 348 army the same from the outside, but as soon as you go inside, you get a surprise.

For instance, right on the RF deck, in the place where the first detector mixer tube should be, there is an audio output tube! Next off, underneath, where the power supply manual 348 army , there is this great, humongous sp?

It is about a 5" cube! It is all of 8 microFarads at volts - something that would be the size of your little finger now. When restoring one of these, that is the first thing you get rid of. In any case, if you run into one of these radios, you will need this manual, manual 348 army .

You should probably choose one of the "release" versions of the manual listed below, though. This is not the first official printing of the manual, but it is still pretty early. The halftone 2016chevy tahoe repair torrent are of much better quality though not as good as the BCH glossy-print manual. This one is the same as the above manual, but it has a number of revisions that were added in December of the same year.

The principal revision was the replacement of the parts list, manual 348 army . Again, this is a relatively good printing. A great deal of radio equipment came on the market as military surplus. These manuals were for Ham Radio operators and shortwave enthusiasts who might get hold of some of this equipment.

Others required more extensive modifications, such as rewinding coils to change the frequency bands to the Ham bands. This document is not the whole conversion manual, but just the pages relating to the BC This is taken mostly from Volume I by R.

Orr, of "Radio Handbook" fame. There are two issues: Most of these correspond to standard commercial tube types. In this document, I have reproduced and annotated with the "VT" numbers the data sheets for all the tubes used in the BC series. This is a volume loose-leaf set, and is generally considered to be the most complete tube manual that was ever commercially available. BC Page This is about the oldest vintage of receiver I deal with.

One model of it is populated manual 348 army metal tubes with grid caps. A real blast from the past. They are a completely classic single-conversion superhetrodyne design. No frills, nothing too fancy. Good, solid, and reliable. Inside, a great deal of the metalwork is either stainless or alluminum, so these receivers rarely show any significant corrosion.

Since they are typically 60 or more years old, they are often full of various kinds of insect nests and dust, but nothing more serious than that. Unfortunately, manual 348 army , it is rare to find one of these receivers that has not been modified. In fixing up these receivers, I spend much too much time backing out half-baked mods that some yo-yo wired in decades ago. They did do one smart thing in the design, manual 348 army , which was philips lcd tv repair torrent move the intermediate manual 348 army up to kHz.

That helps with the imaging problems in the high band, which are inherent in single-conversion receivers. This gives the filters in the RF stages a few more hundred kHz to do their job. It is noticably better in this department than, say, the R see my R pagewhich is a kHz single-conversion receiver. Another help is that the BC only goes up to 18 mHz. Also, the gain in the RF stages seems to be deliberately set to a relatively low level.

This keeps the signal manual 348 army up to the conversion stage, while getting the band-limiting effect of the RF stage bandpass filters.

I believe the point of this is that keeping the signal small reduces the intermodulation distortion and thus reduces the interference from strong stations caused by nonlinearities in the early stages.

These are not receivers with the highest performance in the world. They do not hold a candle to the SP, the R and others. On the other hand, they weigh in at maybe 25 pounds rather than 75 or Since they were designed for aircraft use, they are relatively lightweight for a boatanchor. Since these receivers were designed to be powered by dynamotors, most of them you see these days have been converted to use VAC or have a hole where the dynamotor was.

There is no particular trick to putting a power supply in. The most annoying part of the conversion is that the filaments were wired in series to operate off of 28 manual 348 army DC, so they have to be totally rewired to run in parallel.

Luckily they are all 6. The real problem is that the receiver is not very tolerant of 60 Hz ripple in the power supply, manual 348 army , so great care has to be taken to reduce the supply ripple. This is not a big problem with modern components.

The current draw of these receivers is quite modest, manual 348 army , so it does not take much of a power supply to get good operation. I noticed also that they deliberately excluded the MW band from the tuning. The tuning has a substantial reduction gear that makes precise tuning very easy. On the other hand, it takes 99 turns of the knob to tune from one end of the dial to the other. You can get 12015 lb lift installation guide serious case of carpal-tunnel syndrone trying to band-cruise with these receivers.

There is a veritable alphabet soup of models of this receiver. The BC was designed to operate off a volt supply through an internal dynamotor, although few of them you see today still have the dynamotor.

The dynamotor in the BC operated off 14 volts. There is a separate VFO tube that uses the most marvelous little gas regulator tube, the 2J This looks more like a neon lamp than a regulator tube.

The J, N, Q models were different. On the other hand, manual 348 army , they have an extra stage of IF amplification.

I have not done detailed tests yet to know which one is "better," so watch this space! As noted before, one of the most difficult parts of dealing with these old receivers is finding the appropriate manuals.

Without schematics and other descriptions, it is a manual 348 army task trying to repair these things. It is fairly easy to get scanned BC manuals. What is hard is finding one that has decent half-tone images. Every scan I have seen dewa regulation guide has black blobs where a grey-scale image should be, manual 348 army .

Plus, original BC manuals are very scarce. Then I made a deal to sell them to the manual 348 army highest bidder when I finished scanning them. Of course, I applied my usual scanning techniques to get top-notch scans and so that the half-tone images look as close as possible to the original. I have also annotated the schematics in places. I learned that there are a number of readers that have no good way to get a printed copy of these manuals.

Pub/Form Number Pub/Form Date Pub/Form Title PROPONENT; DA FORM 4: 02/01/ DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY CERTIFICATION FOR AUTHENTICATION OF RECORDS: TJAG: DA FORM 5. Since these receivers were designed to be powered by dynamotors, most of them you see these days have been converted to use VAC (or have a . Radio Boulevard Western Historic Radio Museum. Rebuilding the BC Family of Receivers (includes Grid-Cap, Single End & BC) - History of the BC & BC SKO Component List Download Page (Sorted by LIN). Note: The SKO files are currently being hosted on the LOGSA site; you will need to log in (or submit a System Access Request) to LOGSA in order to gain access to them. BC FAQ. by Buzz Harrah, KE0MS February 15, Originally posted to the MilSurplus Mailing List Reprinted with permission. Calling all MIL-itants, Recently you all came to my rescue when I needed “Fatherly” advice on a BC I’d found.

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U.S. Army Technical Manuals List

This pannel is standard equipment on the BC Oh, yes it is also painted bright shiny lime-green with gold Dymo labels. Power Features Pack — see page I have not put a supply in mine because there is no way I can see to get the v into the case with out some type of hole or rewiring the power plug, so for now I run it off the dynomotor and it is a nice little radio with plenty of volume, but the dynomotor is a little loud. Only the administrator security level has access to these items. First remove the two ball bearing covers to access the grease-side of the ball bearings, manual 348 army . Page 50 Place the template where you want to install the docking station and use it as a guide to drill the holes for the screws that secure the device. Sample web page for systems with Manual 348 army Plug-In installed. I have tried both a direct AC connection to the power supply and routing through the harness - there is no difference, so no hum is "added" by using the AC connection as shown in the schematic, manual 348 army . As noted before, one of the most difficult parts of dealing with these old receivers manual 348 army finding the appropriate manuals. Today, there is absolutely no excuse for "hacking up" an original dynamotor operated BC just to modify it for AC operation because practically every single BC for sale has already been converted for AC operation. The original design of the BC audio output stage was to ground the cathode and to negative bias the grid fixed bias. The purchase system had an amusing side, manual 348 army . Very useful for RF Terminals. Team Services General Operation Table 30 - Team Services Left Justify. My references to various components are from this schematic except that I have added a letter prefix to identify what kind of component it is. But does it prevent solid copy?