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Guide of telugu 9th class

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10th class map pointing books; 10th class question banks; 10th class test papers; 10th class maths workbooks; Study Material; 10th class all-in-one books. Feb 03,  · Telugu sandulu part 1 తెలుగు సంధులు Telugu grammar for TET,DSC, all competitive exams - Duration: Teachers Planet , views. 9TH CLASS TELUGU TEXT BOOK. Publication date Usage Public Domain Mark Topics 9TH CLASS TELUGU TEXT BOOK. Collection opensource. Language Telugu. 9TH CLASS TELUGU TEXT BOOK Bsnayudu no. Identifier 9THCLASSTELUGUTEXTBOOK. Identifier-ark ark://t0gt Ocr language . Windows 10 is the mixed version of the Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating Systems. It is the combination of windows 7 menu & windows 8’s excellent features. Home 9th Class CBSE Class 9 Question Bank – Telugu. 9th Class; Resources; Model Questions; CBSE Class 9 Question Bank – Telugu. By. Anand Meena - February 10, WhatsApp. Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Telegram. Email. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class 9 Question Bank.

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Prediction about any event in an astrology chart is done by looking at either transits of planets gochara or by referring to a dasha period. Dasha period system is the more important of prediction systems in use. There are various dasha periods used within Indian Astrology — Vimshottari , Sodashottari , Dwadashattari , Ashtottari etc.

Within these dasha systems also, Vimshottari dasha system is marked as the most important one in the ancient texts. The birth chart application in this site displays the Vimshottari dasha. The dasha is called as such because of the period of effect of various planets adds up to Dasha periods are always calculated according to the position of Moon in the chart. Janma Nakshatra therefore plays an important part in calculating the starting dasha period in the chart, which is determined by the lord of the nakshatra that the Moon falls in at the time of birth.

Although it looks that the dasha starts from Ketu and ends with Mercury, it is really not so. As mentioned earlier, this dasha system operates from Moon and the longitude of moon as calculated in a janma kundali dictates where the dasha starts for an individual. It moves like a cycle, but this order is maintained. Therefore, for an individual the very first dasha period may be different, but then onwards, every individual will get Mars dasha followed by Rahu dasha.

Ketu mahadasha will start with Ketu bhukti and them go on till Mercury. The extent is maintained as the same ratio. The sublevel of bhukti is called pratyantar dasha etc. The main dasha period is called the mahadasha. This period is further divided into sub periods — antardasha and further sub periods — pratyantar dasha, sukshama dasha and finally the prana dasha.

Without going into details of how these periods are calculated, if the span of the main period is of order of years, the duration of prana dasha is of the order of days or even hours. Errors in recording the time of birth are magnified quite a lot while calculating these innermost dasha periods.

It is a pretty good reason for astrologers not to use sukshama dasha and prana dasha while making predictions. Each planet will give results as per its natural and temporal placement in the chart. Results from various planets are arrived at by looking at their natural or acquired traits in the chart. In their own or friendly house or navamsha, planets give good results. Similar results should be expected from planets that are have shadbala, vargottama or in a square or a trine position from lagna or Janma rashi.

Planets involved in various yogas give results as described in the yoga. Debilitated planets, planets in enemy signs, naturally cruel planets give bad results during their dasha periods. Generally speaking, all planets do not give good results towards the end of their dasha periods. Effects of various planetary combinations yogas , whether good or bad, rajyogas or dhana yogas or nirdhana yoga etc. Essentially, the laws of:. For ascertaining results related to affairs of a particular house or bhava, the lord of the house, planets situated in the house and those influencing the house by a drishti are considered important.

Let us take an example of child birth. Fifth house and also the 9th house, by principles of bhavat-bhavam either from Lagna or Moon is important for children and childbirth. In the period of 5th house lord, putrakaraka , and a benefic planet affecting 5th house, one can expect childbirth in a family. In the period of malefic planets, e. Saturn or a lord of a malefic house affecting fifth house, it will be difficult for a couple to have children, even if all other putrakaraka elements in the chart are really strong.

Rahu is said to have a positive bearing on putrayoga, so one can predict childbirth. When antardasha and other sub-periods are looked at, combination and relationships between various period lords also come into picture.

If the mahadasha lord and sub-period lord are friends either naturally or temporally in a chart, we should see good results. All the planets that may influence a house will give their effect as main dasha period rulers or one of antardasha rulers. Raman, antardasha rulers are more important in giving result. When both rulers affect a house, the results should be considered complete. When main dasha ruler does not affect the house in any way but inner dasha ruler does, the results are less and limited.

When only the outer dasha ruler is concerned with the house and antardasha ruler is not, the results will be extremely limited. Is it 6 months or 1 year. In terms of marital matching, south indian tamil and kerala atleast astrologers recommend a full year gap to avoid dasha sandhi.

It does not have to be Rahu dasha specifically. Depending upon the houses owned by the planets ruling those dashas, you may keep the gap to about 6 months if the affliction are not much. I have a doubt regarding the dasha system which is stated below and I request knowledgeable readers to clarify the same.

For example, for Meena Lagna, Mithuna Rashi birth chart, if Budha Dasha is currently running, we say that it is the Dasha of the lord of 4th and 7th house house lordship reckoned from Ascendant.

The convention is to count lordship from Ascendant. It so happens that Vimshottari starts from Moon, as do other nakshatra based Dasas. However when you apply other dasa systems the reckoning point may be a house rashi for eg.

Blend the outcomes from both lagna and rashi, giving more emphasis to whichever is stronger, and state the results. This is what Dr. In your next article whenever you are able to find time in your busy schedule , would you please write about Bhavat Bhavam and how to use it in predicting events?

Maybe you could look at 10th house and 7th house of charts to predict outcomes for the 10th house. I am not clear at all with Bhavat Bhavam and would be happy if you could shed more light on it. I am about to start my jupiter mahadasha on 29th Feb 08 will this lead me to have good effects straight away? In last couple of years of Rahu Mahadasha my career suffered a lot and gave up job in a company I loved due to difficult boss.

Is there a chance of getting job in that company again and when? My DOB 14 Nov ; 2. Rising sign is Virgo, Moon Sign is Tauraus and sun sign is scorpio. My juipter, venus and sun are in 2nd house if this helps. I am single and would like to get married. Will my jupiter mahadasha also bring me some happiness in this aspect? I have also been told by astrologer in UK that my husband will be someone I already know and someone older than me is that true?

Dear Anu, Jupiter being the 7th lord of marriage the Jupiter dasha can very well give marriage and it can happen in the Jupiter-Jupiter period. The birth chart indicates a lot of problems as far as marriage is concerned so I would suggest you to get your birth chart matched with the person you get married to.

I am not sure how your husband is going to be like, i find it very difficult to predict those things unless it is very apparent in the birth chart. I have to disagree with you in matters pertaining to the 7th house, in your analysis of the chart of the native born on The bhava lagna should fall in Leo. Venus, karaka for marriage is in own house in the 3rd and 3rd house also has the 8th lord Jupiter.

Thus, overall strength of the 7th lord is poor. The nodal axis while in Leo-Aquarius lies on the bhava axis. Reckoned from Moon, 5th and 7th lords are in exchange. Lord of moon-sign Venus is in the 6th, even though it is own house, with 8th lord Jupiter and malefic Sun both enemies. Considering Sagittarius rising in 9D, Sun is in the 7th, Mars in debility in the 8th. From Aquarius Moon, Sun 7th lord in the 5th and 5th lord in the 8th. Based on the connections bw the 5th and 7th, and the poor strength of the 7th lord in rasi and navamsa, matrimonial alliance, especially the love kind, will not fructify.

If you take Kanya lagna, Mars is 3rd and 8th lord, a powerful maraka for the lagna, in lagna with lagna lord in the 3rd. Jupiter is the 7th lord gets Kendradhipathya dosha, and is in association with 12th lord and malefic Sun, and 2nd lord Venus who is Kalatrakaraka. Jupiter is 6 degrees from the Sun, and Venus is 9 degrees from the Sun; both are combust and powerless. In the 9D chart, with Capricorn rising, Mars is in the 7th in debility, aspecting the 7th lord Moon, with Sun 8th lord in the 6th.

Jupiter 7th lord in rashi is with the nodal axis and aspected by Saturn. Jupiter is in Sagittarius 8th from Moon till Dec. Currently, native is running ardhashtama shani till end of Rahu-Ketu will move into Capricorn-Cancer in April. Transits are not favourable. Moreover, the dasa is Jupiter-Jupiter; swabhukti of any dasa lord is always moderate, even if it is a benefic. IMHO, marital prospects are dim in that dasa-bhukti. Jupiter-Saturn may bring some chance but it will be quite difficult. Given the afflictions to the 7th and 8th houses, remedial measures will have to be performed.

Thanks too for your analysis. I am not an astrologer therefore do not understand techincal terms used but what you are saying is that chances of marriage are dim is that right? I am interested to know what you think of my career prospects especially the liklehood of working at my old firm again?

The astrologers I have consulted in UK along with Besab state there is good chance of marriage when Juipter Mahadasha starts next month and that this maybe someone i know already. They have also said that from March there is chance to work at old company again, what is your opinion?

Also I have bee given remedies to enhance the jupiter dasha which is to recite the juipter mantra and for the marriage to happen to wear white clothes on fridays and take milk curd 1st thing in morning on Friday. Are these effective remedies for me?


Comment by Tarun on July 1, at As far as stammering goes, there is no serious affliction to the 2nd house to impair speech. Namaste and thank you for these posts. Hello, I am facing a lot of problems in my professional life, and I seek solutions to my problems, guide of telugu 9th class . Have a non functional small factory in Greater Noida and Consulting Business which I was doing has also gone bad. My son Shrey is 15 years old. Pls help me to know when my financial condition will improve and when will i get married. Comment by Murthy on June 2, at guide of telugu 9th class Will I regain my losses? Transits are not favourable. This has been going on since in some way or form. I am looking for some guidance on 1 whether I should continue working in the same firm? Some many proposal are come but my marriage will not fixed.